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The shows


Carla has a show for every occassion and every level of English. Infantile and Primaria level contains different vocabulary and songs to adapt to the needs of each age group or language ability using techniques of repetition or flashcards with key vocabulary. Carla provides a teachers pack with song lyrics and key vocabulary (for Snow White and Red Riding Hood), to help prepare the students and ensure they get the most out of the theatrical experience. Every single performance contains a great mix of interactive drama, comedy, song and dance which engage the children and make learning fun!


General shows


Snow White (Infantile + Primaria) Based on the traditional children's story, Carla plays Snow White and the Wicked Step-Mother while the children take part as the 7 dwarves and and one lucky boy as Prince Justin Bieber! This show is suitable for all ages as it is adapted depending on the age of the children.


Red Riding Hood (Primaria) Red Riding hood may have an all-singing all-dancing Granny but this can´t save her from the jaws of the big bad wolf. Can Red Riding Hood save her funky Granny before it´s too late? This show is less suitable for younger children.


Earthbusters! (Primeria) Join Hope as she recruits Earthbusters to help save the planet! An entertaining educational show dealing with the environmental issues of deforestation, melting ice caps, water pollution, and the importance of saving energy by Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling.


Themed shows


White Christmas (ALL ages) A festive show for Christmas incorporating Snow White, Santa Claus, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, dancing dwarves, snowball fights and English Christmas Carols.


Bump in the Night (ALL ages) A halloween show involving ghosts, ghouls, monsters, and things that go bump in the night...


Egg-stravagant Easter (Primaria) A special adaptation of Snow White for Semana Santa with easter egg hunts and egg and spoon races. Like many women, she is torn between her love for Prince Justin Bieber, and her love of chocolate eggs.!




Primaria: 3.50 euros per child (40-50 mins)


Terms and Conditions


Each show is performed to a minimum of 40 children (or for a minimum price of 140 euros)

Discounts available for multiple shows.

Maximum capacity per show: 70 children.




Carla's Cuentos can also customize a show to your specific needs. Please contact with details to receive a quote.


'Carla is a sheer delight to watch, her energy and enthusiasm are contagious and the children are enthralled from beginning to end.'   - Beth Cohen, Director of Storytelling, Face 2 Face Theatre Co.


Carla's Cuentos

- Making English fun!


Join Carla on her adventures as she brings English to life with energetic and interactive storytelling for children from the ages of 3 -12. No need to go to the trouble or expense of a visit to the theatre; the theatre can come to you!


Carla Thraves is a native English actress, who trained at 'The Oxford School of Drama' selected by the BBC as one of the UK's top 5 drama schools. She has over 10 years experience as a professional actress. Specialising in Theatre-In-Education, she has worked and toured in the UK, Italy and Spain. Since 2010, she has performed as a storyteller with Face 2 Face Theatre Company; Animaciones Cabali; and Carla's Cuentos in over 200 Spanish schools. Children of all ages are enchanted by her engaging and dynamic performances that not only entertain, but motivate and inspire learning of the English language.

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